Our vegan deodorant contains no aluminum, chemicals or artificial fragrance.
Citrus scent

Jumbo size Net wt 3.0 oz

Vegan Deodorant

  • Organic coconut oil, arrowrooot powder, shea butter, candelilla wax, baking soda, essential oils

  • If necessary, hold product to skin for a few seconds to soften for ease of application.


    It is normal to sweat profusely and/or "smell" for a short period of time when switching from a commercial to a natural deodorant. The sweat glands (once blocked) are now free to release toxins and fluids. Reapply as needed during this time. Factors affecting adjustments include type of clothing, diet, hormones and body chemistry. Your body may need 1 to 3 weeks to adjust from the pores being blocked by aluminum. Switching is worth your health so don't give up!

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